Client Engagement Personal - Package

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Client Engagement  Personal - Package

The IARFC has available reasonably priced documents for use during your initial client engagement meeting.  The package includes 7 certificates to present to individual or business prospects when engaging them as potential clients:

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  • Code of Ethics– signed certificate that the consultant will abide with ethical principals
  • Non Disclosure Commitment– signed agreement to insure client confidentiality and privacy
  • Fee Schedule– sample fee schedule form
  • Financial Plan Assurance– signed assurance to provide superior personal financial planning and service
  • Financial Engagement Agreement– signed agreement engaging financial consultant and asking for the planning fee
  • Financial Plan Acceptance– signed agreement that client is completely satisfied with the plan as delivered
  • Invoice– preformatted invoice to be filled out by consultant

Be sure to take advantage of the special member package price.  Certificates are in Word format for easy editing. Download  How to Close the Client Engagement  White Paper for FREE to learn how to utilize these time saving certificates.