Utilizing the Financial Planning Process White Paper

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Utilizing the Financial Planning Process - Personal (white paper)

When developing a plan or describing the process that a client must go through, it is essential to understand why having a clear, defined series of steps is crucial to both the consultant and the consumer.

 The client needs to know just how the consultant intends to proceed.  The client needs a way to keep track of where each individual is in the process.   Transparency is essential when handling the financial details and decisions.  Defining the steps in a sequence upfront holds everyone accountable.

 This white paper discusses the how to utilize the financial planning process for the individual – from the introduction phase to the ending monitoring for changes in goals and results.

 Table of Contents:  Utilizing the Financial Planning Process, Why Use a Process?, Psychology of Following Steps or Sequences, Benefits of Visual Sequencing, Components of a Typical Process Chart, Business Process, Tangible Tools of a Financial Process, How to Design a Process That Works, Charging Fees, Fear of Performance Failure, How Much Should be Charged?, How should The Fee Be Charged, The Last Word.