The Power of Media White Paper

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The Power of Media (White Paper)

What is Media?

Media typically conjures up the idea of radio and TV. Actually the options can expand to include social media, podcasts, and an internet presence. Media integrates to focus on the financial consultant and the impact they wish to make in their world. The goal is to synchronize media and make the consultant the go to when people think or hear about anything related to the financial world. A professionally produced media strategy is a vital step in not only developing credibility, but also to establishing authority, the Holy Grail in any profession.

If a consultant is going to spend money on media, the question must be asked if they are going to brand themselves or get immediate results. Actually, media done properly leads to branding AND getting results at the same time.

People may throw a little money at media and when it does not work, they get frustrated. Going into the media world must include a plan of execution and performance and... patience.

Table of Contents: What is Media? Media Options, Media Musts, Lead Generation, Additional Materials, Media Marketing, Getting Started, The Last Word