MRFC Logos

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MRFC Member Logos
Set yourself apart from other consultants

Display your IARFC and/or MRFC Designation logo prominently. Utilize these printer-ready versions to set yourself apart as a Professional Financial Consultant – backed by the IARFC.

Suggestions on how to utilize these valuable tools as an integral part of your professional branding:
Business Cards
Newsletters, Electronic/Printed
Social Media
Email Signature

A download of these printer-ready versions will be emailed to you.

When using the MRFC initials on stationery or business cards, please use it without any periods.  It can be combined with other designations, such as John Adams, MRFC, ChFC or John Adams, CPA, MRFC in any order you prefer.  We encourage you to use the registration mark with the MRFC which adds credibility to the designation and protects our copyright.