MRFC® Logos

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MRFC® Member Logos
Set yourself apart from other consultants.

Display your MRFC® Designation logo prominently. Utilize these printer-ready versions to set yourself apart as a Professional Financial Consultant – backed by the IARFC.

Suggestions on how to utilize these valuable tools as an integral part of your professional branding:
Business Cards
Newsletters, Electronic/Printed
Social Media
Email Signature

A download of these printer-ready versions will be emailed to you.

When using the MRFC® initials on stationery or business cards, please use it without any periods.  It can be combined with other designations, such as John Adams, MRFC®, ChFC or John Adams, CPA, MRFC® in any order you prefer.  We encourage you to use the registration mark with the MRFC® which adds credibility to the designation and protects our copyright.