Gathering Information Book

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Gathering Information

 Establishing a Solid Foundation For Building Long Term Security

 by  James J. Lifter Jr. and Edwin P. Morrow

As is the case with most endeavors that we as financial professional make, gathering of information is a process that is key to our success.  The art and science of discovery is what makes the difference between a true relationship with a client and simply having a customer.  As financial professionals, we rely on our relationship building skills to make or break our careers.  The effective information gatherer has set themselves up for success in any situation.

The text that follows is a clear road map to success in the art of data gathering.  By reading and taking to heart the various steps and tips in this book, the average financial advisor will soon find themselves achieving results far and above average.  A combination of theory and real world experiences makes this book a strong component of any sales operation. 

Take the time to review the material in this book and put it to use in your daily practice.  The details are appropriate for anyone who wishes to enhance their practice and improve on their relationship skills with clients and other advisors.