Developing Recommendations Book

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Developing Recommendations

Developing Recommendations - Creating Solutions That Lead To Accomplishing the Objectives

 by  James J. Lifter Jr. and Edwin P. Morrow

Every advisor, whether they have just joined the financial services arena or are a long-time member of the club, must rely on their ability to turn customers into clients if they wish to achieve a level of success.  The transition from a transactional approach to a client focused approach comes with the ability to produce a product that meets the needs of the client.  A product, or in many cases a service, that is created with a level of expertise that ensures it is a complete and thorough product of which the advisor can be proud.

The material in this textbook is designed to aid an advisor in moving forward in the client relationship by providing a road map for  successful creation of either a modular or a comprehensive financial plan.  Producing either of these plans will show the client that you have the expertise and the knowledge that will allow them to see successes previously thought impossible to achieve.

By understanding the role that the client plays in developing the recommendations and in the overall creation of the financial plan, you as an advisor can create value that is unimpeachable.  Your work with the client and your understanding of their wants and needs will make the difference between just having someone pay you for your services and someone willing to not only pay you, but to be your advocate to the rest of the world.