Journal of Personal Finance Volume 23, Issue 1 2024

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Techniques, Strategies and Research for consumers, Educators and Professional Financial Consultants

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"This edition of the Journal of Personal Finance touches on financial health and well-being. We are proud to publish these manuscripts that help develop our collective understanding of how consumers search for financial advice and utilize credit. Our current edition also provides a strong warning about credit card fraud vulnerability from which all Journal readers, their families, and clients will benefit. We open this edition with an exhibit of work from two amazing financial planning students at Utah Valley University. Taken together, our Fall 2023 edition blends academic and practical manuscripts into a broad reaching survey of personal finance."

"The Spring 2024 edition of The Journal of Personal Finance could not be better timed. Rising interest rates, inflation, and higher education costs are imprinted on the minds of consumers, financial professionals, and academics alike. Revolving and nonrevolving consumer debt increased by 7.3% in 2022, 2.6% in 2023, and is up 4.7% from last January.1 Higher interest rates, combined with an uptick in personal loans and credit card accounts assessed interest, paint a stressful picture of what might lie ahead. This edition of The Journal of Personal Finance studies debt and financial literacy through a rigorous lens. We are proud to publish four articles weaving together gender, financial literacy, credit, well-being, fraud, and threats. Different data sets and scales lead to similar factors and conclusions. 


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