Implementation and Monitoring Book

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Implementation and Monitoring

 Consistency in Plan Follow-Up is Achieved Only With Systems

 by  James J. Lifter Jr. and Edwin P. Morrow

The selling of a product is not the end.  It is the beginning.  The beginning to what should be a long-term and prosperous relationship for both the advisor and the client.  That relationship is like a marriage and should be treated with as much or more respect as you would give to a spouse or other loved one. 

Studies have shown that it is less costly to keep a client than to try to find a new one and that is the goal of the implementation and monitoring stage of the financial planning process. With proper care and feeding you can maintain a relationship with a client that will not just be more cost effective for you but will become a money machine for you as well.

The material in this textbook has been designed to make your life as a financial advisor easier and more productive. It has also been created with the idea that what you do will have a long-term and positive effect on your clients as well.

Take this material to heart and use it in your practice.  You will discover that the ongoing work that you do will be returned to you many times over in wonderful ways that will make your life and your career more fulfilling.